Dla autorów

Dear Sir or Madam,
The Department of Philosophy of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw is going to publish a new philosophical periodical. We would like to ask for your contribution to it in the form of texts and reviews. Our periodical will provide a wide platform for exchanging philosophical thoughts (texts within the range of widely understood Polish philosophy will be covered).
We kindly invite you then to publish in the periodical

Studies of the Polish Philosophy

LUMEN POLONIAE is a scientific publication about the issues of philosophical sciences’ published by the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw; it presents both the works of its staff and those sent. All texts sent to the address of the editorial office will yet be reviewed by an independent body – such is a condition before they are published.
LUMEN POLONIAE publishes works in two languages: Polish and English. The editorial officers accept all works not exceeding 40,000 characters (1 standard unit of text length).
LUMEN POLONIAE is published twice a year. Articles and reviews may be sent to the address of the editorial office but please note that the closing dates for the materials to be sent are: April and September, respectively.
Authors of the texts are asked to send them signed together with their full name and the consent to use the material for publishing in the index periodical. The editors do not pay any fee. Also, we do not send back any texts which have not been ordered. We reserve the right to shorten the texts and propose appropriate cuts. The texts are requested to be sent in two typed copies including a floppy disc in DOC and RTF formats.
Any text accepted for printing has a final form and at the author’s correction stage is not subject to any factual changes.
The information concerning the current address, the name and address of the employer, an academic degree, position held as well as main responsibilities is necessary and needs to be enclosed in the text.
We would also like to recommend an interlibrary interchange of LUMEN POLONIAE.
All the correspondence should be sent to:
Katedra Filozofii WSFiZ w Warszawie
01-030 Warszawa ul. Pawia 55